Vallespinosa is our source of inspiration and flavor, so, where Espina de Ferro ® was born.

We are two friends, Fede and Roger, (from here part of our name) we form a team and share musical interests, palpable in the graphic style of our brand.

With the sole purpose of creating the beers that we like the most and with a lot of work, dedication and care we have been growing until we have our own brewery that we premiered this 2018.

In 2010, with a self-taught apprenticeship we started to brew beer, and in 2013 we made a first step, elaborating how to nominate other factories and at the same time starting the works of what would be our workshop. Five years after the first development of Dead Monk we have returned home and we can say that we are the first microbrewery in the region of Anoia, a fact we are very proud of and we announce where we are going.


The whole set of beers that we elaborate have a personal stamp, the brand of the house, the body in the beers, and we like the nuances, the flavors and the aromas, we love the craft beers that give you more than you they quench thirst.